Favorites: Matt (my husband), Myrtle & Gertrude (my cats), reading, group fitness classes, travel, TV nights, sour beer, friend gatherings

Fun fact: I completed the All Trails Challenge in 2016 and hiked/ran every trail in Forest Park. It is one of my favorite places to recharge.

Proudest moment: Taking ownership of Gather Resale



gather gal

Favorites: Family, Mabel and Lou (dogs), thrifting and junking, beach trips

Fun fact: I love crafting, cardigans, clogs and plants. I’m an old soul.

Proudest moment: Having the honor of naming my nephew Elijah when he was born

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Gather Gal

Favorites: Yoga, Australia, social justice, motorcycles, cooking, live music

Fun fact: I love bargain hunting! You can find me at the thrift spots in town.

Proudest moment: Traveling solo around Australia on a motorcycle for two years



gather gal

Favorites: My dad, the coast, adventures in the woods, painting, drawing, anything art related

Fun fact: My favorite color is purple. I have two cats even though I am allergic.

Proudest moment: Learning how to milk goats


DeAnna, gather gal

Favorites: Dogs, my wife, my dad, Oregon, Wallowa Lake, hard cider, hiking, taking long walks around Portland

Fun fact: I am a certified Wildland Fire Fighter.

Proudest moment: To be determined…